Unity in the community is important to us, and we start with this value focus each year.  Over the years we have made links with our local fire service, police service, neighbouring schools (in particular Robert Bloomfield Middle School), a local residential home for the elderly, the library service, local churches and pre-Schools .

These links have helped us:

  • to arrange visits from fire and police officers to speak to our children about the work that they do;
  • create a close collaborative atmosphere with Robert Bloomfield Middle School which helps to ensure a smooth transition for our Year 4 children as they move on to middle school
  • give the children who sing in the School Choir the opportunity to sing in public outside of school itself
  • to promote the local library service to our children by organising visits from Shefford library staff
  • to enrich our assemblies by regularly having ministers from the three local churches attend the school
  • to ensure that the transition from pre-school to our Nursery is as smooth for our youngest children as possible.

The School values its links to the local Community and will seek to develop these further in the coming years. Our Board of Governors have a specially linked associate for 'community' and this enables to the school to reach outwardly and connect experiences for the children within the locality where they live.