We have many talented pupils in our school with talents in English and Maths as well as Sport, Arts and IT; we encourage all children to develop their interests as far as possible. ICT is our real strong point and we have won awards both regionally and nationally for being an exceptional school in terms of the ICT that we offer to our children.

We are extremely keen to use the latest technology to support learning. We know that children live technology and we try to utilise this in their learning with laptops, ipads, kindles and PCs.

We are very keen that all children shall excel in core areas such as reading and maths, we expect parents to support us and their children in developing these skills. We have an open house policy and regularly invite parents in to the school for assemblies, class chats and various other events.

We are a vibrant school, keen to support, not only our children, but also parents and the wider community. We are happy to welcome visitors. We have many people who come to have a look at us, they always comment on our polite confident pupils and the positive atmosphere of the school.