At Shefford Lower School, we recognise that your child’s early experience of school will have a lasting influence on their motivation and attitude to life and learning. It is important to us that each child flourishes, and leaves our school feeling successful, confident and looking forward to the opportunities that await them in the future.

We can best achieve this by working together within an ethos of Values Based Education and and aligned to the school's Ethical Leadership Framework. Our drive for children to 'flourish'ensures that we value a strong partnership with parents, carers, governors and other schools.  This benefits children, supporting their well-being and learning. We highly recommend you visit our lovely school, which will enable you to judge the ethos and learning environment first hand. You are warmly invited to make a preliminary visit, which will also help us to build a mutually supportive relationship between yourselves as parents and our staff. Visits can be arranged by contacting the school office where staff will be only too happy to assist you further.

We welcome feedback and your comments on the usefulness of this information would be gratefully received, either in writing to the school or by contacting us via this website.

I look forward to welcoming you to our school.



Values and Ethos

Our Ethos Statement 

At Shefford Lower School we provide an excellent, values based education for all children within an ethical framework. Together with their families, we ensure a safe and happy environment in which children learn self-confidence, aspire to be their best and make excellent progress towards high standards. Children leave our school with high aspirations, self-belief and are well prepared for the next stage of their education.

Our Aims 

  • To have children’s happiness, well-being, resilience and success in learning at the core of every aspect of our policy, practice and provision.
  • To understand each child, their strengths and areas for development.
  • To provide exciting and appropriately challenging activities within a broad and balanced 'Connected Curriculum' which is ambitious and rich, to motivate each child and enable them to achieve their potential.
  • To promote a lively, enquiring approach to learning, encouraging in the children self-respect, independence and an ability to work co-operatively.
  • To provide a caring, secure and inclusive environment where individuals feel respected and valued.
  • To instil respect for religious and moral values with an understanding of all races, cultures and religions.
  • To promote respect for our own and others’ property and the environment in which we live.
  • To achieve these aims through an effective partnership with the family, other agencies and the wider community.

Our School Values 

British Values Statement 

Our school Values, including the core British Values of Democracy, Rule of Law, Freedom and Respect of Other People's Faiths and Cultures are promoted through Values education, the curriculum and throughout the daily life of the school.

Here are the Values linked for each month for this academic year. Although we have two particular Values to focus on each month, the other Values are still being used, modelled and lived everyday in school. Values are introduced in assemblies and followed-up in circle times, debates and class discussions. The whole school also participates in a focused Values Day each term. On Values Days members of the local community are invited to visit the school

Rewards for achievement and demonstrating values 

Children are rewarded with a stamp on their individual value leaf when they have demonstrated one of our school’s values. At the same time they are given a Values slip to take home.

Special Milestone Leaves are awarded to the children in assembly when they have achieved the following:- Special milestone certificates are presented to children that have achieved the following, for example:


  • 5 stamps – Bronze Values Leaf
  • 10 stamps – Silver Values Leaf
  • 15 stamps – Gold Values Leaf

These special leaves are displayed on our Values Tree in the school hall.

If you would like to know more about Values Education, you can visit the Values Education website using the following link:



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