The Governors have a policy for sex and relationship education. Sex and Relationship Education at this age is taught through personal and social education (PSHCE) and also through aspects of the science curriculum. At this age children are learning about themselves and growth and change. They are becoming aware of their own feelings and friendships and developing empathy for other people. The class teacher or Head teacher will be happy to discuss any aspect of this with parents or carers.

Parents/carers have the right to withdraw their children from this area of the curriculum following discussion with the Head teacher and a written request.

As a school the development of the child as a whole is very important to us. This not only includes their academic achievement but also their behaviour and the development of their social and emotional skills.

SEAL enhances values education in underpinning qualities and skills that help promote positive behaviour, effective learning and achieving personal goals. It focuses on five social and emotional aspects of learning; self-awareness, managing feelings, motivation, empathy and social skills.

The PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) curriculum is delivered explicitly and is also inherent in teaching across the curriculum. Children are taught to recognise risk and danger and how to keep themselves safe, including road safety. They are taught about healthy life-styles, friendships and relationships. Visitors to the school provide safety talks, cycle awareness and 'scootability' training. In year 4 children undertake a St John's Young First Aiders course.